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Do you want to work for us?

Only if:

  • You like working with small teams of experts
  • You agree we should find the most simple and elegant ways to solve problems
  • You like being agile
  • You want people who care about your project

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----------- Based on your business goals and constraints we'll build a clear path to your application objective.

Our philosophy is to lay down a solid architecture that can be built ontop of, then build fast.

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Why us?

Partnering with Decodedbits helps you get your product to market faster as well as fundamentally shorten your relase cycles. Thanks to services such as three-day functional Design Sessions and by lowering the cost of R&D, Decodedbits enables you to achieve greater scale.

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Costa Rica you ask?

----------- You heard right. Our office is located in Costa Rica. Why? Those of you who might have vacationed here at some time probably don’t have to ask, but for those how don’t, Costa Rica offers a completely amazing lifestyle, year-round spring weather, great beaches, and a general sense of living in the Garden of Eden.
Also, thanks to Costa Rica’s booming new export product – Technology – Decodedbits have opened a whole new area of expertise in Web-development. Technology is here to stay, and Decodedbits will help your company get and keep the best of what the market has to offer.